We Seek a Pleasant Peninsula


Our favorite mitten state will soon be home.  Again.  We’re moving to Michigan!  The mild weather, the swaying palm trees are calling us.  Oh, wait.  It will be a big, dual peninsula adjustment in many ways, but I am delighted to be a Michigander once more.

Michigan has always been my home.  And I’ve missed it.  From the far ‘way reaches of Vietnam, I thought Washington would be close enough to make a longer-term place to put my hat.  Then we moved here and realized it’s still flipping far.  Then there was Roger and an inexplicably strong desire to be physically closer to at least one side of the family, since, unfortunately we can’t be close to both.  Then there was our magical trip home at Christmas – full of Roger Reveals and sharing our family’s delight at our soon-to-be baby as they shared ours.  For JD and me, it suddenly seemed obvious that, while Washington is beautiful and full of wonderful new friends, Michigan is our base here in the US – not a small statement considering Michigan weather averaged -10 on our trip.


This move is not without its logistical headaches.  We’ve barely unpacked and now it’s Groundhog Day of transferring my teaching license, packing, sorting out health care and beginning the dreaded round of goodbyes.  But, geez, are we lucky.  My family’s excitement is contagious and the perfect antidote to the bittersweet goodbye in process.  While we’re over here on the west coast my mom is our incredible “man on the ground”, preparing our house, sourcing teaching leads and entrepreneurial networks, sewing Roger thousands of blankets – and buying a two-hundred pound teddy bear. My step-mom and sister are planning an adorable baby shower. My brother has one more year at Michigan State.  My sister has three more years before she’s (hopefully) back.  Family will be two hours away by car instead of five by plane.  My aunts, uncles, cousins and a special smattering of best friends will be within the same time zone.


We’ll lose the ocean and the eagles, but gain the lakes, great as they are, and a fenced yard for a dog.  Our lovely little cottage becomes a big, fat family home.  Out come the skis again and away go the Vietnamese sun dresses, at least for now.  So much and so many people to look forward to.

Very soon, when we seek a pleasant peninsula (and an awful state slogan) all we’ll need do is look about us.



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2 responses to “We Seek a Pleasant Peninsula”

  1. Mom says :

    Can’t wait! It’ll ALL be worth it.

    –man on the ground

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