Let Bucket Lists Kick the Bucket

Bucket lists are terrible. 100 Things to Do Before You Die must die.  Is this how pessimistic we’ve become? Death is imminent so make sure to have fun!!!!!  How about we change our minds to do what’s fun for you when it’s fun for you?  Yes, we’ll all die.  But, heck, I don’t have a countdown to that super special day.

There’s a point of these overtly obnoxious kicks in the butt.  Many of us are lazy, out of shape and perhaps in search of direction.  A “bucket list” scares us into moving.

But let’s act, not on fear, but on want.  Contrary to fashionable belief, not everyone has to skydive, or learn a new language or even *gasp* travel.  All we must do is be kind and support ourselves.  The rest is incidental.

My bucket list might claim I want to tame a double hump camel, but my real-life priorities would quite honestly rather spend that time and cash going out for multiple dinners at Olive Garden once we’re back in the States.  I not-so-secretly love chain restaurants and that way I can continue to not cook.

The other night I acted irrationally; I chose to stay in, alone on a Friday night for no reason even though many of my best friends were meeting for dinner just over the bridge.  Bucket List said, “Go!”  Body, Mind and Mattress said, “Just chill out, you overly-social orangutan.” Maybe I’ll regret it in the far reaches of the illusive “one day” meant to hang over our heads with the guilt power of a neglected grandma.  But, then again, maybe I won’t.

Trend demands we be unique and self-expressive.  We should lead a life worthy of insta-tweeting and face-a-graming.  We look on Social Media and are bombarded with the intimidating coolness of others. But the other night, slouching on my bed, Block-O-Cheese in Hand was my status update.  I was glad to not be wearing eyeliner. Right then, I wanted a bucket list so relaxed that it was never written because I couldn’t reach a pen without getting up.

Living for the moment is great so long as it’s the moment you want to be living.  I do not regret that early evening chunk of cheddar.


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2 responses to “Let Bucket Lists Kick the Bucket”

  1. Manny says :

    You are living most people’s “bucket list”. It would be interesting to see what yours is!

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      Think Homer.
      1. Bucket of popcorn
      2. Bucket of jellybeans

      Thank you, Manny! I’m just teasing. It is great to have a balance between relaxation and activity.

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