Mr.  & Mrs.


…and we’re married!

Being married is like before but better.  JD is now fully, legally what he has already been in my heart.  I fail to properly describe the awesome (in the true sense) moments we’ve had moving from Engaged to Married.  So I won’t try.  Instead, just thank you to all the friends, family and special randoms who’ve made it the beyond great that it is.  And mostly thank you to JD, my travel partner, life partner, my partner in crime and now my husband.



6 responses to “Mr.  & Mrs.”

  1. mom says :

    Congratulations, and love to you both, my daughter and son.

  2. angie says :

    you guys are awesome! xoxo

  3. Kelsey says :

    You two rock my socks! So glad I get to be in your lives. Congrats on the new chapter.

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