Fantastic Filipino Festival


Belinda Carlisle was right; heaven is a place on Earth.  It’s in the Philippines.  Among no less than 7,000 islands that make up this skinny, snakey country is paradise.  Here are the white sand beaches of postcards and the perfectly clear blue water of movie sets.  This is the Ultimate in beach holidays.  Sorry folks, there is no way to avoid clichés here.  The people are friendly and lively.  The islands are never-ending and offer everything from tranquil isolation to rummed-up good times.  Snorkeling lays out the most stunning coral I’ve seen and scuba diving takes you into WWII sunken ships.  Our recent Filipino Festival might well be the best trip of my life.  And, since there’s no way words can do justice to a place such as this, here are a few pictures to make my point for me.  Go!


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4 responses to “Fantastic Filipino Festival”

  1. Angie says :

    Incredible! One question: whatvam I looking at in the top phot (all arms and legs)?

  2. K says :

    Gorgeeeeeous pics. I am in love.

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