Better than Blogging


Once upon a time there was a mosquito and a flying cockroach (yes, they do fly) who were best friends.  Poor little Mozzie and Roach-o-Cock were despised by all so unfairly.  “It’s not my fault that I eat blood!” cried Mozzie Moz one day.  Cockie nodded, “I understand.  It’s not my fault I’m so big and loathed.  I just want someone to love me.”  And so, kids, the moral of the story is…

Get lost, stupid bugs.

JD and I are engaged!   Holy hells, internet!  She-who-would-not-wed has fallen flip-flop over heel for the best guy in the world!  And somehow he seems to like her, too!  Woohoo!


It’s taken me a whoppin’ three months to write a blog post.  But, in the meantime whilst silent on the internet, real life has been a-buzzin’ with fantastic Filipino festivals, entering the untamed world of 30’s and…getting engaged to the most sincerely good human I know.  These three months are nothing short of a rocking boat of fantasticness.  I’ve passed Cloud 9 and am somewhere out in the 20’s.  Make that 30’s. Life is sometimes just too good to spend any time typing at a computer, even if it is for you, my dear blog.

So, that’s the scoop.  More to come…maybe.  Depends how tempting the sunny beach is.  If it happens to win out over sitting in my bedroom writing for you, don’t be offended.  It’s not that you’re bad in any way.  It’s just that the rest is so, so good.








4 responses to “Better than Blogging”

  1. Tracy says :

    Congratulations to you both! You seem so very happy together in your amazing life. BTW–nice rock!

  2. Jo says :

    You are just so fabulous! Happiness to you both. ❤️

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