Leaving on a Tet Plane

one happy pup

No, don’t be fooled.  This is not a real blog post.  This is simply an excuse to be a happy pup.  Life is good at the moment, Fine Friends.  Today we move into our brand new mega house.  It would be way out of our range anywhere else in the world but, since we are in Vietnam, it will only set us back a banana and a kiwi.  Then, quick, quick, it’s time to pack up again and head out to ring in the Lunar New Year in style – two weeks in Malaysia, Baby!   On top of all this, my students rocked their exams – well done, kiddos!- and JD is already good pals with Vietnam.

On that note, Happy Tet to you all.  May the Year of the Snake be a good to you!


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2 responses to “Leaving on a Tet Plane”

  1. Keith says :

    Happy (Lunar) New Year to you both. Sounds like a blast!


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