Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Nothing

no nothing wrong

And hella then what?

Suddenly you’re more tired than rested and you’ve missed your favorite show for the last half season, lost your spot in that book you were reading and haven’t bothered to blog or tweet or facebook, email, pinterest, text or do any noun that we now consider to be a verb.  But turns out you don’t give a what.  Sorry, Imaginary Audience and Facebook Newsfeed.  I’ve been too busy out there living life to remember to document it with copious blurred photos and drunkenly insightful posts.  And, sorry to say, but don’t look like nothing’s bout to change no time soon.  The world is calling and this computer screen can only hold me just so long before I succumb to sun and sky and scooterly life.

So off I trot…



10 responses to “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Nothing”

  1. Chris says :

    What?! NOOOOOOOO!! If you go off and just…live, how am I gonna live VICARIOUSLY? No! I’ll die of terminal boredom.

  2. a dancer in the rain says :

    that’s the spirit !!! go enjoy xx 

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    beyonddisneytraveltips wrote:

  3. Milly says :

    I know the feeling! It’s hard to sit still once you’ve got a taste for what’s out there huh?

  4. Jo says :

    LOVE! ❤

  5. Nicky says :

    Have fun superstars!

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