The Little Dragon Who Went to School

A few weeks late, but fantastic nonetheless.

Remember how excited you used to get for show and tell at school?  Or how you’d jump around when your mom brought in class cupcakes for your birthday?  Remember how amazing it was when the teacher would let you use the glitter markers?  Or make you line leader for the day?  Now imagine being a nine-year-old once again and welcoming a surprise visitor.  No, he’s not the principal, or somebody’s dad.  He’s a dragon – a dancing lion dragon who does gymnastics on teeny, tiny suspended discs and then wiggles his dragon butt when you pet him.

Ahhhh!!!! Best day ever!!!!!!!!!

This really, actually happens when you teach fourth grade in Vietnam.  To celebrate the Moon Festival my school became a Lion-Dragon Dancing Festival, complete with spectators from the street lined up against our gate, traditional drummers, and two hundred small children losing their mind with excitement.  Dragons!  Lions!  Time to scream some more…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

It was fantastic!  I took a video but laughed too loudly all the way through to post it.  Instead of reminding kids to calm down I was the ringleader of those running rampant around the playground in excitement; the King of the Crazies.

Some days it’s great to be a teacher.  Some days it’s great to live in Vietnam.  All days it’s great to dance with lion dragons and chow down on moon cake.    So next time you think that life’s a drag remember that dancing lions and acrobatic dragons are not just imaginary.  They’re out there somewhere if you’re looking.


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6 responses to “The Little Dragon Who Went to School”

  1. Design Hotshop says :

    Wow, can only imagine how excited those kids must have been! How great that would have been to see.

  2. Nicky says :

    Very Cool!

  3. Crystal says :

    This posting absolutely runs over with joy! Thank you for sharing.

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