Go Travel: Cape Town Wine Farms in Winter

By now you should know that I love wine.  In fact friends and family are starting to call me a wino, but I’m sure that’s just a joke (?).  Naturally I take no responsibility for my own actions.  Rather, I blame Cape Town for this.  After all it’s not my fault that I happen to live in the world’s best wine county.  I mean, what else am I supposed to do – drink beer [laughs hysterically]?  So it should be no surprise that I have spent many a weekend afternoon sipping away on one of the gorgeous wine farms in the area (it definitely beats exercising).  And my favourite one?  Well, glad you asked ‘cause it’s a beauty: Vrede en Lust.

I’d been to Vrede en Lust once before.  My first trip was on a beautiful sunny day; just the kind you associate with wine tasting.  With friends in from out of town, JD and I were anxious to appear more sophisticated than we actually are.  Wine tasting seemed the perfect blend of culture and booze.  So off we set to show our guests around the grapier side of Cape Town.  Our third and final one for the day was Vrede en Lust and my, oh my, did it make me vrede and lust for more of their wine (lame joke)!  For weeks afterwards I searched liquor stores high and low only to find that none of them stock Vrede en Lust wine.  So I did what anyone would do; I used my Mom’s trip to Cape Town as an excuse to go back and bought as much wine as the car would hold.  The wine was the same delicious splendor.  The cheese was just as stinky.   But one thing was different – the season.

This wine tasting excursion was in the winter, as in the off season for wine farms.  And it turns out; it’s an even better season to go than summer.  The vineyards were a gorgeous Autumn palette.  The tourists were still back home in bed.  And the cool air meant you could actually finish a tasting without falling off your chair.  It was an awesome afternoon.

Travel blogs are always going on about doing things in the off season.  Avoid the crowds.  Avoid the peak season prices.  Get a different perspective.  So I am joining their cause to tell you: Go travel Cape Town wine farms in winter.  And bring me back a bottle (please).

Clearly needs more wine


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10 responses to “Go Travel: Cape Town Wine Farms in Winter”

  1. Alex says :

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love the idea of taking the pictures through the w2ine glass

  2. Samantha says :

    I’m in!

  3. michellejayne says :

    Nice piccies and i just have to add that I am sitting in bed in Jozi drinking the Vrede en Lust Syrah. Mmmmm….

  4. Maureen says :

    Hey Kath we are kindred spirits with our love of wine. We refer to it as our wine, my wine etc.At least we are winers and not whiners-shhhhhhhhhhlurp so corny!!! I love your pics and your very funny chirps. I agree to drinking in winter as a preferable time of year to stay on your seat for longer, plus if you’re starting to believe that you’re on a sea cruise, you can fall into bed at 19H00 as it’s legitimaytely dark!!

    Hope to see you soon


  5. Vrede en Lust says :

    Glad you enjoyed visiting us:) Can’t wait to have you back. Next time you’re in the mood for some Vrede en Lust and unable to visit us: order it from our online shop and have it delivered to your front door:)

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