Street Artist in Action

This is the kind of street art I thought only Bert from Mary Poppins does.  But during a trip to Toronto I discovered that there are still a few dedicated artists who choose chalk and side walk to create their masterpieces.  As much as I enjoyed watching the artist work, I enjoyed watching the reactions of other people even more.  Businessmen in suits paused their cell phone conversations to take a look.  Kids pulled their parents across the street to see.  It seemed that no matter what type of rush they were in, everyone wanted a minute to the watch the transformation of a  regular old piece of pavement into a work of art.


4 responses to “Street Artist in Action”

  1. Jo-Anne says :

    Amazing…it saddens me that one rain takes it all away.

    • beyonddisneytravel says :

      I agree – it’s incredible to think how much work he puts into each drawing even knowing how temporary each one is.

  2. Jo says :

    The joy truly is in the creating, I guess.

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