Do You Ever Wonder…

…what animals are thinking?  What they would tell you if they could?  What they’d warn you against, encourage you to do and remind you about?  Global travelers love to meet new people.  You love to soak in the new cultures at hand, sample new foods and take to heart foreign words of wisdom.  But what about the animals you encounter as you traverse the world?

I recently wrote a guest post for the travel blog, I Should Log Off.  I wrote about what animals can teach us about travel – pack light, listen to your instincts, be yourself, adapt and have fun.  After writing it I sat and thought about just how much animals have to offer us self-proclaimed world travelers.

While we may sit and tell stories late into the night, animals generally like to sit back and observe.  They manage to transition from cramped cattle cars to wide open fields with little complaint.  They understand the concept of taking only what you need, and they are content to get on with their business with little fuss.  They keep their thoughts to themselves and their eyes wide open.

What could we learn from animals?



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2 responses to “Do You Ever Wonder…”

  1. Chloe says :

    Ive often wondered myself what animals are thinking behind their speechless masks. It’s fun to guess, although sometimes I think I’d rather not know, as we humans probably seem to them like a bunch of idiots!

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