Go Travel: Moyo (the Follow Up)

Turns out there’s a whole other side to Moyo Blouberg.  After naming it one of Cape Town’s best beach bars I went to check out what it’s like at night.  Normally I associate Moyo with cocktails around the pool in the middle of sunny afternoons.  But sitting inside, when it was dark out (and I was drinking far less cocktails) I realized Moyo has an appeal I didn’t even know about.

The atmosphere was still fun, but instead of the ocean as the focal point there was live music.  The night started off with a singer and suddenly erupted into an elaborate conga line that included all Moyo employees and whatever kitchen utensils they could find.  The line (and music) started at the back of the restaurant and wound its way through to our side of the room.  Pepper grinders, silverware and plastic trays were suddenly musical instruments.

I also learned there’s more to the menu than just burgers.  The food was awesome – seriously tasty.  And unusual.  At our table of three we had Ethiopian beef, South African springbok, prawns, chicken and snoek pate (yes, we were hungry and no, we’re not vegetarians).

It might not be your cheapest night out but it will be one of the more memorable.  So next time you’re looking to impress your hot date, go travel to Moyo.



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6 responses to “Go Travel: Moyo (the Follow Up)”

  1. Carey says :

    Awesome. What a blast!

  2. Ryan says :

    I have to agree. Moyo at night is really cool

  3. Allison says :

    Looks like fun

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